Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week Three, finally making sense of things

The objective this week was to add more choice and strategy to the our game.  We attempted to accomplish this by including a new type of card, a food card, to go along with our action and animal cards.  We have run into problems with deciding how many of each card is going to make the game the most fun and most strategic, all while leaving minimal outcome to chance.  We met at the student center on tuesday and got more done than at any of our other meetings.  Mark and I were in charge of deciding what each animal ate, how much they ate, how many of each card to make, and the strengths of all the animals.  We also designated the adjectives in front of the animal titles to make it more creative.  Angela and Victor were in charge of making the cards on photoshop, getting the pictures for each animal and food card, as well as creating the action cards on the computer.  We all pitched in when it came to thinking of action cards, and that went rather well considering the different personalities in the group.  All in all, this week was our most successful week by far, but we have plenty more to do.  I look forward to meeting in class and again afterwards to workout the rest of the kinks.

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