Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 2

On September 19th, our group had to discuss the core mechanics and structure of our chosen card game. Unfortunately for us, our original designer of the game did not attend class. This definitely affected the group because the strategies that were mentioned in the paper were very vague. We found it to be fairly simple to develop the features of the game, but based upon the discussion in class, features should be one of the last things to develop. With the leaders help, our group was eventually able to bounce off of each other's ideas and create a base for what possible strategies can be. By the end of our discussion, we all seemed to be content with our brainstormed ideas. We anticipate on meeting with each other sometime next week to finalize our strategy ideas with the original designer. Also, we are meeting so we can begin to design our cards in the hopes that it will turn out as expected.

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