Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's all coming together

After prototyping our game during class last week we realized there were many problems that needed to be solved. One of our biggest issues was our food cards. The way our group had designed the game allowed for multiple rounds of forfeit. We originally had a rule that if there were not enough food cards to play any of the animals in your hand you must forfeit. Luckily, with the help of Professor Parks, we were able to create a slightly tweaked version of our game that allowed animals to play with no food cards.  Instead the game now incorporates food cards as a way to increase your animals combat skills. Not only did this solve our problem, but it also allowed for more strategy in our game.

Having decided that the food cards were better off as a way to increase an animals combat skill left our group with plenty of work to do this week. Angela and I calculated the food bonus values of each animals desired food this past weekend at the library. Also while we were at the library we changed the values of the animals base combat skill. We created the cards so that even the animal with the weakest starting combat skill, with enough food, could compete against some of the more powerful animals in our game. After the values were decided Victor and Angela met up a day or two later to edit our original cards. The new animal cards had their new combat skill values, food bonus values, and other various cosmetic kinks taken care of. A day later i printed the cards and our group met up at the student center to prototype our game. The game has come a long way since its beginning stages. Hopefully this week other groups can give our group some good insight to help kink out the final issues.

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