Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 5

The week of October 10th was the very first time that our classmates had the opportunity to play our card game. In addition to this, our group was able to meet with people outside of the class so we could get feedback through various perspectives. As our classmates played our game, Brent took down various notes that better assisted our re-occuring problems. We never knew how to initiate the game, but based upon other opinions and a vote within the group, we came up with setting the cards up so that a snake draft occurs. By doing this, we believe this will benefit the strategic methods because each person will be able to know exactly at least one animal that his or her opponent may have. Also, we concluded that the game terminates as 7-8 animals are in a player's "graveyard". In regards to the amount of cards we need, it became apparent that more animal cards were needed, and less of certain foods such as carcass and jungle fruit. At the end of each round, we made it a point that layers can trade in one food source to draw another. Rather than having every food worth a +2 bonus to towards an animal's combat, we decided it would be best if we made a change to that. We now have animals with higher combat, such as the lion, to eat 3 meats in order to get to full combat strength, but every meat has a different bonus value to it. By doing this, we figured it would balance out the stronger animals with the weaker animals, and any duel can be interesting--especially one where a prairie dog encounters a lion. Our group is meeting today to create the rule book and finalize all of our vague ideas when in action playing the game. The progression of our card game has been settle, but we all feel as if we came along way since the beginning of our game.

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